Our Mission

The mission of St. Mary’s College is to form the minds, hearts, and wills of her students, using the treasures of Western Civilization to set them firmly on the path to true wisdom, as imitators of Christ, Wisdom Incarnate.

The College provides a traditional Catholic environment which supports students in reaching this lofty goal, and helps them to develop academically, spiritually, and socially.  Through the College, they will realize in their own lives the great motto of St. Pius X – Instaurare omnia in Christo, To restore all things in Christ.

History of Saint Mary's College

Why Liberal Arts?

About Us

  • Coeducational liberal arts college
  • Offers a 2-year Associates of Arts degree
  • Weekly spiritual conferences with a priest of the SSPX, opportunities for spiritual direction, and a shared liturgical life according to the traditional Catholic liturgy
  • Located on a beautiful campus, in the Flint Hills of Kansas, on the site of an historical Jesuit Mission
  • Provides foundation for potential studies in a four-year elective curriculum, or in a professional degree program
  • Kansas Board of Regents approved school


St. Mary’s College offers a comprehensive course of study based on classical liberal arts models. Given the specifically Catholic nature of the institution’s founding and operation, this curriculum necessarily focuses on Theology, Philosophy, and Classical Languages, but also includes Modern Languages and Literature, History, Mathematics, Science, and Fine Arts. Catholic liberal arts education aims to prepare young Catholic men and women to attain true freedom, personal excellence, and happiness through the systematic development of intellect and will. While ultimately in harmony with the necessarily efficient and practical ends of higher education, the liberal arts education promotes personal growth and a breadth of perspective impossible to achieve through strictly technical or vocational study by projecting ideas and diverse subject matter against the backdrop of Revelation.

The St. Mary’s Associates of Arts degree will prepare students for further study in four-year elective curricula, as well as graduate and professional schools. Having completed their studies in the atmosphere of the St. Mary’s community, all students will remain acutely receptive to the possibility of a religious vocation. Perhaps the greatest legacy of a liberal arts education lies in the freedom students realize in choosing well their paths in life. Having developed a love of truth and discipline, students will assess both their career potential and realistic limitations with equal clarity. The formation encourages an insightful approach to considering various vocations in a manner most likely to ensure success and happiness in this world, and more importantly, the next.