My First Day at SMC: a student's perspective

September 17, 2020
Source: FSSPX Spirituality

Move-in day was actually way less overwhelming than I had expected.  All the Second-Year students (conspicuous in bright red shirts) were very welcoming and helpful.  With their help and our families’, we found rooms and got settled in very quickly.  That evening and the next day we played volleyball and trivia, but it consisted mostly of meeting new people, learning their names, forgetting their names, and learning our way around the campus.  The name confusion, though occasionally embarrassing, was on the whole enjoyable—like a memory game.  Afterwards, however, the peace and quiet of the two recollection days formed a welcome breathing space before the start of classes.  It was remarkable how soon the place began to feel like home.

 - From the perspective of a 1st Year "dormie" student

As a graduate of SMA, I was well used to the sight of college students rushing down the hill after breakfast, a cup of coffee balanced precariously in one hand, but as I prepared to be a college student myself, I was full of uncertainty. The day before Orientation some soon-to-be college students that I had graduated with met at a classmate’s house for brunch. As usual, we prepared more than enough for the dozen or so that came, so we decided to visit the Ladies’ dorm and bring the boarders our extra food, as well as help them unpack. The Second Year students welcomed us (and our food!) with open arms: not only relieving us of our platters, but also giving us a rather professional tour of the dorm and inviting us to make it a second home, despite the fact that we were “townees”. That night we met at the Reading Room for a social event in order to introduce ourselves before Orientation. Although at first there seemed to be hundreds maybe even thousands of students, there were really only forty or so First Years and the same amount of Second Years. The atmosphere the College brought to us made it seem as if Bellarmine, our beloved girls’ school building, were miles away. The first couple days we were helped along by the experienced Second Years, who knew our fears and uncertainties. The support, help, and encouragement shown by everyone at the College helped greatly in assuring us that we did, in fact, want to be there.

 - From the perspective of a 1st Year "townee" student