Art at SMC

March 26, 2021
Source: College St Mary's

Although the primary goal of education here at St. Marys College is to provide us with a further foundation through the Liberal Arts program, it is still incumbent to hold steadfast to that which is true, good, and beautiful in other things. The most important visual of this, of course, is art. Although SMC does not offer an Art course, those who are inclined to such participate in an informal art club, working individually, yet together, in an effort to be a part of creating something more ennobling. The variety of talent spans from acrylic renditions of Willian Morris and the New Immaculata, to pastels, watercolor, and sketches. In creating art, each one of these artists at SMC admits himself into a more universal relationship between God and humanity. One of the highest faculties of man is language, a way of manifesting intellectual thought in form of communication to others; likewise, art is a variant form of that communication that often has a more deepening and powerful effect. Our goal is to show the beauty that we learn through our classes in a way that all man can understand.

~ by Ally, class of 2022

Informal club members include Allison Isermann, Sara Murrens, Cecelia Belderok, Margaret Drumm, Peter Neeck, Katie Gallagher, Madeleine Rutledge and Priscilla Settani