Christmas in the Reading Room

January 06, 2021
Source: College St Mary's

      Every year, the night preceding the last day of exams for the fall semester, the Second Year students decorate the College Reading Room, this year with festive lights, red bows, garlands, and a large Christmas tree topped by a gold star in one corner. Nothing escaped the decor— even the pianos had a red bow or a garland placed atop them. As the students came in for their last day of the term they were welcomed by the lights and greenery of Christmas decor and a plate of cookies prepared especially by the Second Years. Ornaments hanging from the ceiling added a fun touch, as did the multiple students who donned Santa hats or Christmas colors. Throughout the last few days of exams Christmas tunes could be heard as various students picked them out on the piano in anticipation of the feast, and a surprise visit from the high school boys singing carols added to the festive spirit with the strains of “Feliz Navidad” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”. At the beginning of Advent the college students had drawn names for a Kris Kringle exchange, and many students took the opportunity of the last days of the term to write encouraging notes to his or her KK as a preview to the epic reveal to happen in January. The decor in the Reading Room helped to raise the already excited spirits of the college students as they prepared to finish their exams and go on to break.

~ by Madeleine, class of 2022