College Talent Show

March 06, 2019
Source: College St Mary's

On February 13, the students of Saint Mary’s College took a break from their rigorous schedules and challenging curriculum, and focused on something a little different - the College Talent Show. For almost two hours they showcased abilities which might never be seen in the classroom, entertaining their peers and guests with an enjoyable mixture of songs, skits, and dramatic recitations. Two acts tied for first place: a recitation of The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes, and an adaptation of Samuel Beckett's Breath. Second place was awarded to a skit depicting a montage of actual events which had taken place at meals in the college cafeteria. Due to the tie for first place, another act was given recognition as the third place winner: Mary Poppins’ Jolly Holiday performed by six students with an introductory skit and original choreography. Some other acts included a medley of traditional folk songs, a female acapella quartet, and a skit narrating the struggles of a guardian angel and a pair of devils in the everyday life of a college student. One memorable song was not in the competition, but was a tribute to Fr. Franks, who has fostered a love of music in many of the students. The talent show gives the students a way to creatively express this appreciation of music, as well as that of literature, and other arts.