SMC Holy Card, 2020-2021

October 09, 2020
Source: College St Mary's

          “We must run towards sanctity and flee from mediocrity.” These were the words with which Fr. McBride, St. Mary’s College Chaplain, introduced to the students the motto for this academic year – Sic Currite, meaning “so run.” Taken from St. Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, Chapter 9, “so run, that you may obtain [the incorruptible crown],” this motto reflects the enthusiasm and dedication which the student should carry into every action of his college life. Running is an act performed not by the apathetic or indifferent but by those who are willing to strive and challenge themselves in order to reach the end that they desire. So the student should leave behind all indifference and mediocrity and instead strive for excellence in the performance of his every duty, knowing that the end of all his efforts is to obtain, not passing glory, but the “incorruptible crown” that is his eternal goal.

         The image on the front of the holy card is taken from a mosaic in the church of St. Clement in Rome. In the Old Testament, deer are often used as symbols of swiftness and strong desire. Growing out of the fountain from which the deer drink is an acanthus tree, the traditional symbol of victory. But the source of this fountain is the Cross, through which can be attained the object of their desire and reward of their labor. This shows that only through the Cross and suffering will victory be obtained.