Why Liberal Arts?

“The liberal arts college begins with wonder and ends in wisdom” Dr. John Senior

The goal of any higher education is to perfect the mind in the truth, by the light of which both the will and the passions may be rightly directed. The highest sciences in the supernatural and natural orders – Theology and Philosophy – as well as the liberal arts that surround them form the mind to be able to judge all from the highest perspective.  A mind which is capable of viewing everything from this perspective – which is nothing other than the perspective of wisdom – likewise enjoys a true stability and vigor. Young Catholics, about to enter into the modern world, learn to face the challenges of life through such studies, for it is only from this vantage-point that one can properly view and judge all human thought and activity.


One of the College’s graduates, writing about the curriculum, expressed these truths well: “The liberal arts provide references and a framework for understanding and discussing the world in which we live.  Literature, Philosophy, and Theology allow us to take our roles with confidence and intellectual balance in a society where the very objectivity of truth is put in doubt.  This is our weapon.  Better educated citizens can rebuild our society.”

Besides these essential subjects, the College aims to form dedicated and well-rounded students, equipped with effective interpersonal and communication skills, as well as an ability to think critically.  Such qualities prepare them also to enter the professional world, which demands above all a strong work ethic, adaptability, and effective interaction with others.

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